RE: a question for you dutch speakers out there

Joseph S. Barrera III (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 17:33:51 -0700

> On an unrelated note, how much did it cost to have your house wired?
> I want to have some cable run from upstairs to downstairs (right down
> a wall, pretty much), so I can have access to ISDN from downstairs
> (Cisco's gettin' me ISDN... yay :-)). I can't imagine it'd
> cost *that*
> much, but I don't have any reference points, either.

I think it was about $700, or roughly $100 per line.
That included crawling under the house (yuck).
I know, I should have done it myself... but I had
been telling myself that for over a year, and
nothing had changed...

> How's the new job, by the way?

It's *great*!!!!! The people here are great, and the work
is interesting... I'm optimizing mail sending performance
right now... I love doing performance work, and so it's
great that I'm the designated performance guy. Well, the
CTO (Chris Maeda, another alumnus from CMU and the Mach
project) is a good performance guy also, but he has other
stuff on his plate...

- Joe