FM minime was Re: MP3 Wireless

Tom Whore (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 17:37:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

--]Uses 2.4GHz to transmit audio (MP3) from your PC to a receiver on your
--]stereo. < $100.

I was looking that over th other day. X10 makes some neat stuf.

Thing is I just built a 15 dollar FM transitter for the house radios. I
plug it in my sound card and tune it to an "empty" station.
Not the cleanest sound in the world, but it does have a nice side effect.

With the crappiest of rabit ears I am able to pick up my signal on a
cruddy littel fm walk around about a block away. With the rabbit ears hung
out the window, about two blocks. I have a freind who is working on a
better antena rig fromteh specs over at Radio Berkley. If all ges well we
should be able to get a half mile, more than enough to cover at least 5
peoples houses who will be listening.

The fcc is begining to let go some of the old calcification, so im
thinking it may even be legal ina few months.

One plan a few of us hatched up was the idea of using ice or shout cast as
a source and seeding the country with these short range transmitters. For
about 15 bucks and a stable net connection anyone could become a part of
the WSMF Distributed Boradcasting Network. If enough people took up the
task there would be this loose web around the country, or the globe,
pumping out the sounds . Just a dream, but one wich, at least in portland,
might come to pass.

Its not quiet the same as the X10 approach, but its something that speaks
to me:)-

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