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I do a lot of consulting on Y2K and I have a thriving business selling
dehydrated food and ammunition. Speaking as a computer professional, I
must tell you to expect the worst. In the coming millenium, most of the
world will revert to feudalism as roving bands directed by evil warlords
will be rounding up the weak and unprepared for slave labor. The skies
will be darkened by the smoke from the burning cities. There will naught
left but a blasted wasteland. Cable TV service may be interrupted. Check
out the documentary film "Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome" for details.

I'm sorry, I meant to say "Speaking as a bitter crank that likes to pull
people's chains" in that last paragraph.

Dave "Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves, Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves" Crook

At 10:08 PM 8/18/99 -0400, Comet wrote:
>My blind aged mother who lives happily in a nearby apartment complex
>designed for elderly convenience recently asked me to explain what was
>all the brouhaha about y2k... and, what exactly was "y2k?" I certainly
>hope I allayed her fears by advising that the worst that could happen
>around here was that her elec and phone svc *might* be temporarily
>interrupted (January is very cold here--she has elec heat) and her
>check from US guv Social Security program might be delayed. I
>commented that some groups in urban areas might freak en masse whether
>anything happened or not... and that could cause local unpleasantness
>in their communities ... it's happened before...
>I assured her that my preparedness would cover her, too. I have a
>decent supply of water and canned foods--actually no more than
>normal--, a way to cook w/o elec and a way to space-heat w/o elec.
>This scheme is routine preparedness for diasters in this area, y2k or
>Am I too optomistic?
>David Crook wrote:
>> NBC preps 'Y2K' telepic
>> Looking to take advantage of millennium madness, NBC Studios has begun
>> production on Y2K, a disaster pic that imagines near-apocalyptic results
>> brought about by the much-hyped computer bug.
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