Re: Terror Twilight Lyrics?

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Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:40:36 -0400

Amazon's price is less than cdnow where "Symphonic Yes" is on my
wishlist. The Floyd and Led Zep are the only two I have. I think I
paid 15-16 USD for them at a local music shop.

sillyhead, I could rip you a larger clip than those on Amazon if I can
find space on a faster server than the one we use for local sampling.
I've never used irc... so much to learn, so little time.

Yep, regular is good but maybe "nondescript" would have been a better
word. :)
Congratulations on your anniversary, Wayne... many more and all that.

I drafted a couple of self-introductions but they sounded dumb... DEL
is my favorite key. So, briefly:
I live and work in the southern Appalachian mountains.
I love music, reading, gardening, walking, biking and the internet.
I input far more than I output... this could be a problem at some
future date.
I am woman; hear me rant.
I appreciate being included on this list. I enjoy your comments very
I go mute for long periods of time but will always be listening.
I think I feel a mutation coming on now....

Thanks, Rohit. :)


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    "I am a deeply superficial person." -- Andy Warhol