Re: Terror Twilight Lyrics?

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Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:23:20 -0500


Oh, I forgot to mention, I got mine at Best Buy about a year ago, for perhaps a
tad less than Amazon with shipping, if you're in an all-fired hurry and feeling

Comet wrote:

> p.s.s. I'm a regular person... not a scientist, not a professional and
> too old to be a geek even if that's what I aspire to be at this late
> date...

It's good to be regular at your age, speaking as one who should know. Oh yeah,
I also forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago: Kate and I hit silver,
having gotten hitched back on July 28, 1974, a beastly hot day in Omaha, NE.

I keep meaning to write a learned dissertation to Adam's question of a year ago
(how do you stay married that long in this day and age), and I will as soon as
I figure it out. It's tougher than it appears, and explaining it, more so.
Meantime, Happy First Anniversary, approximately, Adam and Michelle!


"And my pants ain't getting no bigger" Beck