Re: Big-Ass Tables and Instant Gratification

Jeff Bone (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 17:43:25 -0500

> Opera gives me instant gratification. The markup is fairly average
> tons-of-fonts, but I've seen worse. Tried rebooting your system?

Uh, yeah. Per the earlier suggestion re: Netscape, now that I think
about it there is a loose correlation in time between perceiving a
slowdown in rendering this particular table and upgrading to 4.6.1 and
an earlier 4.5.mumblefoo version. Haven't noticed any slowdown in
certain other sites that I frequent with nasty table (ab)use, but
mebbe... I suppose it wouldn't be surprising if Netscape just managed
to get suckier on table handing over revs.

Per Opera, thanks, tried it. In principle, wonderful browser... in
practice, I find the UI aggravating.