Big-Ass Tables and Instant Gratification

Jeff Bone (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 14:36:53 -0500

Appealing to all you HTML stylists out there for a little insight. I
periodically check the CBOE options tables on for
option pricing. They've always taken a rather long time to load and
some amount of time to render; they're very large but apparently
relatively simple tables. Recently, for no obvious reason, they've
started taking a *very* long time to render; a full options + LEAPS
query now totally spams my machine for up to a full minute while
rendering, whereas until recently it rendered in 15 seconds or so. I'm
assuming there's some recently-introduced gotcha in the markup. Anybody
with a little free time and inclination willing to take a look at one of
these and tell me what heinous HTML crimes they're committing that might
be causing this? I've crawled source on a few of these, but it's not
obvious to me... might be to someone else. I'd like to feed the info
back to their webmaster, for obvious reasons. ;-)

Thanks in advance!