Symantec caught with pants down

Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 06:59:20 -0400

also from Computergram

On Monday August 2 1999, crackers compromised the web site of Symantec Corp.
The vandals claimed they had infected the
company's systems two months ago with a virus called Bloworm. The site was
still unreachable as ComputerWire went to
press, but officials deny that there is any such virus on the Symantec
network. "There is no virus infection, no worm infection,
and no danger to customers," spokesperson Richard Saunders told ZDNet.
What's most embarrassing for Cupertino,
California-based Symantec is that the company itself sells network
security and anti-virus software designed to prevent these
sorts of incidents from taking place.

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