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Computergram: Section: 03. Financial News

DataChannel Buys Portal Company Electronic Data Foundry

DataChannel Inc has acquired a company called Electronic Data Foundry
(EDF) Inc, ostensibly for its enterprise information
portal (EIP) business. EDF is a consultancy specializing in the
implementation of extensible markup language (XML), standard
generalized markup language (SGML), hypertext markup language (HTML),
document style semantics and specification
language (DSSSL) and hypermedia/time-based structuring language (HyTime).
The big selling point of this mouthful of
acronyms is their openness; they appeal to enterprises who want to keep
their information systems safe from vendor lock-in.

"If an enterprise data management strategy is implemented using open
standards, a company will be insulated from closed,
proprietary systems which hamper interoperability," explained VP of
DataChannel professional services Carla Corkern. Corkern
is a former vice president for Isogen International, which DataChannel
bought back in April 1999 to bolster its professional
services. DataChannel hasn't disclosed the terms of the Isogen or EDF
acquisitions. EDF will continue to operate from its Iowa
headquarters, becoming a regional office for DataChannel's Professional
Services Division. Founder Eric Freese will report to
Corkern as his company is integrated with her group.

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