Re: the Blair Witch Thang

Joachim Feise (
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 09:46:54 -0700

Alexa Champion wrote:
> Jeff Bone wrote:
> >In other news, I'm just waiting for somebody to drop some analysis to
> >the list regarding the whole Blair Witch phenom and it's associated Web
> >and mediasphere implications. Anyone, anyone?
> Actually, the BW deal has me a bit perplexed. And I have been taking in
> every piece of media about it--sans the actual movie. I live in Maryland,
> and naturally, all the local and regional papers (i.e. Balt. Sun) cover the
> Blair Witch thing to death. The Sci Fi channel had a pretty interesting
> piece on it. The Sun made it seem that it was all fabricated as did Wired's
> coverage of it (why they weighed in on it, I'll never know.) The stranger
> part is that I actually attended University of Maryland during that same
> time period and worked at the daily paper and I don't recall us covering
> this. I could have been more fixated on the Entertainment editor's
> backside, but I think I would have noticed something about witches. :) Can
> anyone here straighten out whether or not this is a "fabricated" story or if
> it is "based on a true story" but embellished? Needless to say, whether or
> not it is "authentic," I have been sucked into the media swirl of it all and
> *must* see the flick.

Of course it is fictional (see
I saw it last weekend, and I was not impressed. I didn't find it that scary
as the hype made it out to be.
I have read that some people put it on the same level as the Exorcist, but I
think that Blair Witch doesn't reach that level.
More interesting to me was the group dynamics, the power struggle between
these three people under stress.


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