the Blair Witch Thang

Alexa Champion (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 05:10:03 -0100

Jeff Bone wrote:
>In other news, I'm just waiting for somebody to drop some analysis to
>the list regarding the whole Blair Witch phenom and it's associated Web
>and mediasphere implications. Anyone, anyone?

Actually, the BW deal has me a bit perplexed. And I have been taking in
every piece of media about it--sans the actual movie. I live in Maryland,
and naturally, all the local and regional papers (i.e. Balt. Sun) cover the
Blair Witch thing to death. The Sci Fi channel had a pretty interesting
piece on it. The Sun made it seem that it was all fabricated as did Wired's
coverage of it (why they weighed in on it, I'll never know.) The stranger
part is that I actually attended University of Maryland during that same
time period and worked at the daily paper and I don't recall us covering
this. I could have been more fixated on the Entertainment editor's
backside, but I think I would have noticed something about witches. :) Can
anyone here straighten out whether or not this is a "fabricated" story or if
it is "based on a true story" but embellished? Needless to say, whether or
not it is "authentic," I have been sucked into the media swirl of it all and
*must* see the flick.

Alexa in Maryland, looking for witches