Tedium and the Blair Witch Thang (was Re: [BITS] The Petzinger Report

Jeff Bone (jbone@activerse.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 01:25:04 -0500

> particularly after those
> extremely tedious 'Beggars in Spain' and 'Only in Florida' threads.


Now, now... I'm just giving others a chance to catch up. ;-)
Seriously, I hope those threads didn't instigate any actual
unsubscribes. One man's tedium is another man's high comedy, apologies
where required. :-) OTOH, there was only one response to my only
quasi-technical attempt at actual content from that period, what does
that say? (Maybe that it was buried in all the bullshit, I suppose.)
BTW, I thought Tim was gone... wtf happened? ;-) Tim, seriously, you
want your old job back, it's yours. Being the intentional
self-designated whipping boy ain't no fun, bro. Well, maybe a little
fun. ;-)

In other news, I'm just waiting for somebody to drop some analysis to
the list regarding the whole Blair Witch phenom and it's associated Web
and mediasphere implications. Anyone, anyone?

C ya,