A monkey can pick Internet stocks and make money.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 08:53:24 -0700 (PDT)

When will this stock market mania end? I see the technicians calling
for Dow 12,000 now... urgh. At least Apple reached a new high this week.

Rohit, HSAC is now at 43 and a solid double from where we picked it.
The only regret is that we didn't play MCOM, too -- that sucker has
quintupled since MCI and Paul Allen announced they were each taking a
$300 million stake in Ricochet... making a rollout to 12 major markets
in 2000 feasible despite the fact that Metricom is losing money hand
over fist. Which is sweet, we could really use Ricochet down herein LA...

Anyway, a monkey can pick Internet stocks and make money, and some
of them actually are:


Looks like the monkey favors CMGI, too...

> Can You Beat My Monkey? Monkey Challenges Wall Street to Outperform
> Her Picks
> Source: Business Wire
> LOS ANGELES, Jul 8, 1999 (BUSINESS WIRE via COMTEX) -- In one of this
> year's strangest stock-picking contests, MonkeyDex announced the "Beat
> the Monkey" stock contest Thursday.
> For the first time ever, Wall Street and its army of high-paid
> analysts, experts and brokers will be able to actually test their
> skills against a real live chimpanzee!
> MonkeyDex is the Internet's first index of Internet stocks picked by an
> actual monkey. MonkeyDex was created in January of 1999 when Raven, a
> 6-year-old female monkey, tossed darts at a dartboard of 133
> Internet-related stocks. Incredibly, her picks for the first six months
> of the year increased 55 percent.
> Lunacy, ridiculous and speculative frenzy are all popular descriptions
> of the wild swings being experienced by Internet stocks and the
> portfolios of Internet investors.
> "There is hardly a day that goes by that a fortune isn't won or lost by
> some lucky or unlucky Internet investor. It's truly the wild, wild
> west. So let's see who the best man (or monkey) truly is," said Roland
> Perry, editor of the Internet Stock Review and creator of the
> MonkeyDex.
> The contest is open for registration for the first 1,000 participants
> until midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time) July 11. The first round of
> the contest begins at the market open on Monday, July 12, and ends at
> the close of the market on Friday, July 30.
> The first ever Internet stock-picking contest limited to publicly
> traded Internet companies, the Beat The Monkey contest will pit Raven's
> picks from January against the picks of all the entrants. Raven's picks
> will not change for the duration of the series of monthly contests.
> To enter the contest, visit http://www.monkeydex.com Raven's picks,
> which will be selected and updated annually, currently include
> AudioHighway (Nasdaq:AHWY), CMGI Inc. (Nasdaq:CMGI), iMall
> (Nasdaq:IMAL), Inktomi (Nasdaq:INKT), ISS Group (Nasdaq:ISSX),
> Kushner-Locke (Nasdaq:KLOC), Lycos (Nasdaq:LCOS), Netspeak
> (Nasdaq:NSPK), Onsale (Nasdaq:ONSL) and Ozemail, which merged with MCI
> WorldComm (WCOM).
> The winner will receive a Dell Computer P200XPS with 64 MB of Ram and a
> 4 GB hard drive, 16XCD with 2 MB of Video Memory and a 15-inch .28 SVGA
> Teramars Monitor. The contest sponsor for the month of July is AllNet
> Services (OTC:ANSC). AllnetServices.com Corp. specializes in online
> marketing and distribution of a broad range of products and services at
> wholesale prices to both consumer and trade customers.
> The entry with the highest dollar value increase/lowest dollar value
> decrease in stock portfolio value during the contest period will be the
> winner. See the official contest rules at the MonkeyDex.com Web site.
> CONTACT: Perry & Co., Beverly Hills, Calif.
> Roland Perry, 310/285-1778
> WEB PAGE: http://www.businesswire.com
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> with Hyperlinks to your home page.


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