Re: Only In Florida

Alexa Champion (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 08:11:56 -0100 me with this. The guy killed a five-year-old girl, a
nine-year-old girl--while their mother was forced to watch and then stabbed
the pregnant mother to death. I guess they bled, too.

>From Slate Papers
>Both the NYT and LAT run inside stories about how a convicted
>killer bled on Thursday as he was executed in Florida's electric
>chair, prompting demands that that state suspend its use. As a
>result, the state Supreme court issued a stay of the next scheduled
>felon fry. Incidentally, the headline over the NYT story is
>CAUSE: The convict ate aspirin before his electrocution. Suspend aspirin
>(Sometimes I'm embarrassed to live here. With so many other states to in
>which to kill, why kill in a state with the death penalty option? And
>especially one that electrocutes?)