Re: Beggars in Spain

Jeff Bone (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 23:45:52 -0500

Tom sez:

> Because it mkes us fel all warm and fuzy... Selfish Selfless
> and everything in between...but it all boils down to .....the self.

That's exactly right, Tom. I have no beef with charity --- I think
charity can be viewed as a form of value exchange in some sense. My
beef is elsewhere. My question was "Why should we fund social programs"
--- emphasis on fund. I guess the clarified version of the question
here is "why should gov't tax citizens to pay for these programs?"

It would make sense to do so if we all felt good about what those
dollars went to, i.e. if it really did make *all* of us feel all warm
and fuzzy. But it doesn't, and the value those dollars provide is
dubious at best, and arguably negative net value to society.