Re: Consensual Exchange of Value, or Against Beggars

Tom Whore (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 21:43:14 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Jeff Bone wrote:

--]"economically disadvantaged" in any way. Why? Because there are,
--]really, very few beggars at all --- just about every living human being
--]has some sort of value that they can barter with to obtain their
--]economic needs. The notion of "economically disadvantaged" is sort of
--]fundamentally flawed to begin with.

Hmm. If you threw the word POTENTIAL in there I might follow you a bit
further. Basicaly though I do indeed there is a level of people who are
termed, in a strict Hayekian linguistic sense, The Fucked.

One two a million, they are still there.

--]And here's my gut feeling: if the free market were truly allowed to be
--]free, and all forms of consensual value exchange were accepted,

Yes, I agreee, But it is not, it is being kept in the bounds of some very
specific large scale lines. Recent events are showing that this need not
be the case.. The OSS in its true form is a clear example of this, as is
the shifting of labor skills.

IN a world more adjusted to free market flows the valuation of an act or a
service or a good would be set in accordance with its place in the
needs/wants scheme of things. Philinthropic forays to bolster value
systems not in the fore at the moment would flourish as long term venrures
rooted in a pay off not of the so called norm.

WE would, in short, see being abnoramly valued not as a bad thing, but as
a potential of vlaue in a differnt structure and that such stuctures would
be able to bubble into and out of being as need be.

Messy, hell yea. Think of it as the Big Old Pot O Chilli model, as
oppposed to the WhiteBread Sameness.

I mean, what the hell do you expect of a value system where in Ricky
MArtin is on top of a major sectors valuation.

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