Re: Satan Re: [Slate] American Religious fervor, by the numbers

James Tauber (
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 20:52:41 +0800

> > PS The language in which the original Bible was written was aramaic.

why do you say this? Very little of it is written in Aramaic. The Tanakh
(OT) was almostly entirely written in Hebrew with some passages in Aramaic.
The NT is entirely Greek Koine (except for the odd quote), although some
have argued for an original Aramaic version of Matthew.

> I understood it to be Dhuraic. That's an antiquated language from which
> Aramaic is a more regularized dialectic decendant, isn't it? Any
> linguists in the crowd?

I've never heard of Dhuraic. Aramaic is a NW Semitic language (like Hebrew,
Phoenician, Ugaritic). Other Western Semitic languages include Ethiopic and
Arabic. Other (non-Western) Semitic languages include Assyrian and
Babylonian (collectively called Akkadian).

You're not thinking of Adunaic, are you? :-)