FW: KUCI Top 30 for week ending July 3, 1999

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 12:15:57 -0700

***KUCI TOP 30*** for week ending July 4, 1999

1. Farside "The Monroe Doctrine" (Revelation)
2. Merzbow "Door Open at 8 a.m." (Alien 8)
3. His Name is Alive "Always Stay Sweet" (4AD)
4. Big Smith "s/t" (Sell The Ozarks Music)
5. Codename: Rocky "No Time To Waste" (Microcosm)
6. Hypocrisy "s/t" (Warner Bros./Nuclear Blast)
7. Tom Waits "Mule Variations" (Epitaph)
8. Orbital "The Middle of Nowhere" (London)
9. Joan of Arc "Live in Chicago, 1999" (Jade Tree)
10. L'Altra "s/t" (Aesthetics)
11. Underworld "Beaucoup Fish" (V2)
12. The Crabs "Sand and Sea" (K)
13. Mercyful Fate "9" (Metal Blade)
14. Novak "s/t" (Hidden Agenda AHA!)
15. Emperor "IX Equilibrium" (Century Media)
16. The Gathering "How to Measure a Planet?" (Century Media)
17. Lee Hazzlewood "Cowboy in Sweden" (Smells Like Records)
18. In Flames "Colony" (Nuclear Blast)
19. Sprague Brothers "Let the Chicks Fall Where They May" (Hightone)
20. War "We Are War" (Necropolis)
21. The Dickel Brothers "Volume One" (Empty)
22. Midtown "The Sacrifice of Life" (Drive Thru)
23. Scared of Chaka "Tired of You" (Sub City)
24. Satyricon "Intermezzo" (Nuclear Blast)
25. The Lucksmiths "Happy Secret" (Drive In)
26. Os Mutantes
27. Luscious Jackson "Electric Honey" (Grand Royal/Capitol)
28. Neurosis "Times of Grace" (Relapse)
29. Ultimate Fakebook "This Will Be Laughing Week" (Noisome)
30. Cigar "Speed is Relative" (Theologian)

**Adds** for week beginning July 5, 1999

1. v/a "Unsealed: Tribute to the Go-Go's" (4 Alarm)
2. Ween "Paintin' the Town Brown", Live 90-98 (Elektra)
3. Last Summer "Remember Those Days" (Drive Thru)
4. Ghosts of the Canal "Sessions From The Flats" (China/Grade)
5. Beta Band "s/t" (Astralwerks)
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