Re: Internet Taxes Not Inevitable

Dave Long (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 21:19:32 -0700

> >we need to rally behind them to
> >ensure that the Internet remains free forever from predatory state and local
> >taxation.

Mr. Armey seems to have nothing to say about ensuring that the
Internet remain free forever from predatory federal taxation.

If one believes that the ideal in taxation is to assess those who
benefit, but not those who don't, local taxation seems more likely
to do so than federal.

Of course, we should expect our Members of Congress to have our best
interests at heart. After all, Parliament did such a good job of
taxation in the eighteenth century that no one had cause for


OK, maybe I'm reading far too much into this omission. On the other
hand, it's amusing to imagine Mr. Armey and Mr. Reich agreeing.