Re: Satan Re: [Slate] American Religious fervor, by the numbers

Jeff Bone (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 22:33:55 -0500

Geege quoth:

> "We all make mistakes. When WE do it, it's called EVIL. When GOD
does it,
> it's called NATURE."
> Jack Nicholson, as the Devil (Darryl) in "The Witches of Eastwick"
> rant against women)

Observation: I kind of interpreted Darryl as *a* devil (i.e., a demon)
rather than "the Capital-D Devil." In fact, he was more of an
eastern-style demon than a western, Xian one: sort of a hedonistic
being, controlled by appetites, kind of crude and childlike in many
ways, but generally a good-time guy and only kind of lazily malificent.
Anybody else get that? Perhaps it came through in the book better...