Re: Citrix & ASPs

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 13:44:30 -0700

Oh yeah, there was a big scandal with Citrix and Microsoft. Citrix
was supposed to be the NetPC, i.e. NC, but MSFT decided to FUD
the intiative and cut their funding or something. Mark Templeton is their CEO,
he's been touting their framework as an ERP alternative. "Apps on tap"
is how he describes them. Simpler, more focused, more modular applications
that are used on the Web. US Internetworking is a new-style Internet
Service Provider that provides applications on demand. They are teaming
with Portal Software [1] using their services to rent or lease software.
Citrix is supposed to be a competitor.



Jim Whitehead wrote:
> Does anyone on this list know what Citrix's products do? I provide my
> interpretation below, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else on this
> list has first-hand knowledge.
> Application Service Providers (ASPs) just can't love this technology enough.
> For example, FutureLink Development <> recently
> bought Micro Visions <http:/> (announcement here:
> <>) just because it is
> a leading Citrix reseller.
> The Citrix site <> is a bastion of market speak. For
> example, one of their more technical white papers
> <> explains their products like this: