Re: Citrix & ASPs

Joachim Feise (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 17:19:16 -0700

Kragen Sitaker wrote:
> Jim Whitehead writes:
> > Reinterpreting this in language I understand, it sounds like Citrix has
> > reinvented X-Windows.
> Yes, and badly.
> I have used WinDD from Tektronix, which is the equivalent of an X
> server for Citrix's ICA, on SunOS. Several bits:
> - the server ("WinFrame"? Not sure) is slow, unreliable, and hacky,
> although not nearly as slow as you'd expect; at the time (1996)
> it was based on WinNT Server 3.51.
> - the WinDD client is extremely slow compared to the X server, and only
> connects to one server (equiv. of a machine running X clients)
> at once.
> - Microsoft has decided to incorporate this stuff into NT Server.

It is called NT Server TerminalServer Edition:


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