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From: Sally Khudairi (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 02:25:38 PST

Rohit, you know me too well. Book is on order.

Re: Laka Palace/Udaipur, I've got a 4-night gift certificate after staying
at the Taj West End/Bangalore last fall...only question is when does one
have the time to jet away ;-?

- S

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>From: Balachander Krishnamurthy <>
>hip hotels: escape, herbert ypma's companion to hip hotels: city
>quite good. alas nothing in netherlands.

I'm intrigued enough by the book. Though I figure Sally will beat me
to ordering it, and I'll be content to flip through hers :-)

I wonder what's in India -- it better not be the usual type of
luxury, such as the Lake Palace in Udaipur... Rohit

$29.95 at

Herbert Ypma

Getting away from it all is as much a part of modern life as late
nights at the office and rush-hour traffic. We can all use an escape
to exotic destinations, but free time is scarce and the choice of
where to go is more important than ever. Paradise is the aim-perfect
weather, great food, and breathtaking surroundings-and Hip Hotels:
Escape features an extraordinary collection of Highly Individual
Places in idyllic locations around the globe.

Mexico, Morocco, India, South Africa, Tahiti, Jamaica, Cuba,
Colombia, Chile, Bali, Portugal, Spain, the Australian outback-Hip
Hotels: Escape covers the full range of potential escape experiences.
From the Renaissance beauty of J. P. Getty's villa on the shores of
Italy to a handful of luxurious tents on a remote jungle island in
the China Sea, from the unique mud-hut architecture of the Mandawa
Desert Camp in Rajasthan to the lush surroundings of the famous
Marrakesh palm grove, escape hotels combine the impact of
extraordinary geography with architectural ingenuity. Simple yet
sophisticated, rugged yet refined, these hotels cater to both our
instinct for escape and our city-bred taste for comfort and luxury.

Like the hotels featured in Hip Hotels: City, some of the most famous
names in contemporary architecture, design, decoration, and
gastronomy have had a hand in creating these seductive retreats. From
Jean Nouvel's design of the Hôtel St. James outside Bordeaux to Renzo
Mongiardino's classic renovation of a thirteenth-century monastery
near Siena, from Ralph Lauren's styling of Nelson Rockefeller's
former lakeside lodge in the Adirondacks to French superchef Alain
Ducasse's conversion of a Provençal farmhouse, these hotels offer
paradise exactly the way we want it: perfect.

Herbert Ypma is the founder of the award-winning magazine Interior
Architecture and creator of the best-selling World Design series.

ISBN 0-500-28131-9 · 8" x 91/2" · 600 illustrations, 500 in color ·
256 pages · Design/Lifestyle/Travel

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