Re: A CSS point of view.

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 14:37:17 PST

Greg writes:
> How can they crash your browser every time you come across them? They are
> little embedded javascripts that are called on demand by visiting your
> own bookmark list. Maybe you are using them wrong, Lloyd.

Virtually everything crashes my Navigator 4.6. The only way the
netscape process can survive for a week or two, is by switching off
Jabbah and JabbahsCrypt (why on by default?), and not being too rough
on the GUI (I noticed usage of keyboard shortcuts instead of GUI
*dgets increase the Netscape half lifetime considerably, also removing
the rodent-boxes makes the canvass noticeable bigger). Of course the
creeping memory leaks still get me after a while, so I have to save
the state (either by dumping into bookmarks, or cut&paste into text
editor, killnine the beast, and restart it.

I think it's obscene. All I want to do is to have a stable system
which lets me access beautifully rendered documents with embedded
hyperlinks, and an occasional bit of multimedia (audio/video, chemical
MIME). Web as is is an abject failure so far. I blame braindead HTML
specification and creeping featuritis for that. Each time I read
treekiller version of I feel a gagging
reflex. Don't these people know what a standard is for? That it is a
single, well designed thing, with a well-defined way of extending it
yet remaining compatible? Why are people buying into the glitzy
krashware krap? Aargh!

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