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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 19:50:28 PST

Eugene Leitl <> writes:

> Greg writes:
> > How can they crash your browser every time you come across them? They are
> > little embedded javascripts that are called on demand by visiting your
> > own bookmark list. Maybe you are using them wrong, Lloyd.
> Virtually everything crashes my Navigator 4.6. The only way the
> netscape process can survive for a week or two, is by switching off
> Jabbah and JabbahsCrypt (why on by default?), and not being too rough
> on the GUI (I noticed usage of keyboard shortcuts instead of GUI
> *dgets increase the Netscape half lifetime considerably, also removing
> the rodent-boxes makes the canvass noticeable bigger). Of course the
> creeping memory leaks still get me after a while, so I have to save
> the state (either by dumping into bookmarks, or cut&paste into text
> editor, killnine the beast, and restart it.

I lose netscape daily. It's just another reason why we need the
killer history/cache/navigation/interaction proxy that has been begged
for on this group a few times. The browser should just browse, and I
should be able to get the same info from my proxies when I slurped
something with wget the night before for speed or have viewed it
using lynx exclusively up to now. And the proxy needs a scripting
language so I can tell it how to notice relationships between any type
of data - then I won't care that Napster is just a stupider archie
client for intermittently connected networks, because I won't notice.

If all the relevent proxies are chainable, we're relatively close, too
- just need the history, some diagnostic output, some input ideas that
don't add much effort to the user experience, and a way to share that
information with others in the community that will still be usable
when the entire world is using it. Okay, that's a lot of handwaving -
the last part especially has been completely missed by even the most
imaginative geeks out there - but what's up here? Am I being too
geeky when I think that it's the obvious next killer app for the net?
Isn't it way overdue?

Karl Anderson 

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