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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 13:21:35 PST

The flava of the day, a napster clone with some better ways of sharing
files (any files not just mp3s) called GNUtella.

Ability to set up lists of ips makes this a tad better than napster imho
becuase it cuts out the central server crapola (which has always seemed
to be the Hamiltonian controling aspects of the net versus the
Jeffersonian Distrib ideas)

even at teh gnetle release age of two days there is a shit strom over it.
AOL, the owning company of the NUllsoft team (the makers of this and
winamp and the might fing malted streamings of Shoutcast) is clamping on
thier exposure from this gem. Nullsoft , to popular urban myths telling,
deved this without the AOLheads knowing of its true intent. Now AOL has
to deal with owning Time Warner, a charter signatory of the "we own your
muscial experiences" organization and a group that puts out apps to break
down the very boundries that keep it in power.

Life is good.

Source is forthcomming.

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