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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 10:58:54 PST

Confusion persists. I'm sure you know that XML-RPC is just an HTTP-POST with
an XML-formatted body.

We chose HTTP because it's so simple and so widely deployed in the
programming environments we care about, the scripting systems, Java, C.

We undertsand that there are tradeoffs, but dealt with most of them I think,
over the last two years.

Firewalls, which are often presented as a problem, imho, are not. It's easy
to write a filter that detects an XML-RPC message and dispatches it

Caches are a problem in theory, but so far have not been a problem in
practice. Mark suggested adding the option of using a different port than
80, and calling the protocol something other than HTTP, to deal with the
caching issue, and I said it would be worth doing if Sun supported XML-RPC.

I've gotten lots of random email as some new groups dissect XML-RPC, this is
fine, keep me posted on what you come up with, but understand that I carry a
pretty heavy load in my web work, and may not understand the context with
cc'd messages out of the blue.


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> Sorry, Dave --- Mark Baker cc:'d you on this whole thing early on,
> apologies for not trimming the distribution down. This whole thing
> started as a discussion about what application-level semantics are
> appropriate for future inclusion in HTTP per se, and what are more
> appropriate for an e.g. XML-RPC-like protocol *over* HTTP. The whole
> thing, though, was mostly an exercise in nitty semantics and
> terminological confusion. ;-)
> Take care...
> jb
> Dave Winer wrote:
> > What are you trying to do? I'm not sure why I am getting cc'd on these
> > messages, I find them quite confusing. Dave

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