Re: [transhumantech] Re: New Technologies Imperil Humanity

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From: David Crook (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 18:22:45 PST

I'm sure that the Cosmos is waiting for that event with all the
consternation of homeowners watching a strip club being built in their
neighborhood. McDonalds fly-through resturants orbiting Jupiter and Nike
sweatshops with real aliens. Yep, the future is going to be great. Go
humans! Woo-Hoo.


At 05:53 PM 3/13/00 -0800, Franklin Wayne Poley wrote:
>Bill Joy is correct...up to a point. But consider that humankind is about to
>take off into the Cosmos. The technologies he fears today will be child's
>play compared to what will be used in a century or two or three. But those
>technologies are a necessary part of having humankind "growing up" and
>taking its place in the Cosmos.

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