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From: Franklin Wayne Poley (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 17:53:52 PST

Bill Joy is correct...up to a point. But consider that humankind is about to
take off into the Cosmos. The technologies he fears today will be child's
play compared to what will be used in a century or two or three. But those
technologies are a necessary part of having humankind "growing up" and
taking its place in the Cosmos.

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Subject: [transhumantech] Re: New Technologies Imperil Humanity

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>From: (Kragen Sitaker)
>Bill Joy said:
>> "It is no exaggeration to say we are on the cusp of the further
>> of extreme evil,'' Joy writes. "An evil whose possibility spreads well
>> beyond that which weapons of mass destruction bequeathed to nation states
>> to surprising and terrible empowerment of extreme individuals.''
>Yeah, I guess this wasn't news to me after I read the results of the
>Internet Auditing Project. The question is, what do we do about it?
>Here's my fear. In the next year or two, someone is going to write a
>worm that penetrates more than a million computers on the Internet.
>They will be quiet about it. They will use this access to embed their
>worm into widely-used operating systems.
>Their power to spy on other people will be limited only by their
>ability to spirit the results of their espionage out through covert
>channels. Their power to blackmail and deceive will be immense. Their
>power to cut off Internet service to the likes of Yahoo --- should they
>choose to exercise it --- would be unstoppable. Their power to
>embezzle money from innocent people would be immense.
>I considered doing it myself --- because whoever does this will also be
>in an unsurpassed position to close the ubiquitous security holes that
>infest the world's computers. I decided I couldn't trust myself with
>the power.
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