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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 15:07:23 PST

I don't know much about high-speed scanners but I'm trying to learn, re
<>. Did you mean the DC60 at
<>. Is this the top-of-the-line,
at 90 pages per minute!?!

Who could I outsource the scanning to in the US and Europe if I wanted to be
able to overnight documents there, the TIFFs forwarded by email, and then
have all of the OCR and data entry done in Uganda?

                - dan

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> > Books don't need batteries, and if properly cared for, they will still be > > usable in 500 years. Browned, foxed, brittle, perhaps, but still quite > Only if printed on acid-free paper. Many books from the 1960s are by > now essentially unusable.

What was the J.C. Lilly Paper & Fiber Products Corporation thinking? I hope that 'digital toner' gets at least that fun.

> Well, I have a library of, what?, ~5000 books. Unfortunately, it is > unusable

Right; we postliterate people have given up chopping off spines and feeding exactly 7 pages at a time (then flipping same) to out ScanMakerX6 with ADR (....) becaise the DC06, featured in ID Magazine just now, comes with an option to scan as it sucks and cyclones; you just put it in the library and empty the canisters from tome to tome; it's quite filmic.

Look! Java 2 in 27 seconds! You can tell it's a proof by the way the CD shatters.

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