Critical Decisions

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 10:05:32 PST

Watching the new Sun "Critical Decisions" tv ads--I love what
they've done with it. It's straight Gene Hackmanish French Connnection
and Marathon Man all rolled up into one. I love the biz guys telling
the CIO not to rock the boat. Just when you thought nothing could top
their murmuring chemist ads from last year....

The other comment I had comes from CNN of all places. They had their
whole "you've got pictures" pseudo infomercial. The thing that they
said that they didn't even realize was that 6% of all households have
digital cameras, (90-something have cameras), but everyone wants to
share their pictures. This discrepancy makes for a great business
model. The whole thing about Amazon is, who would have ever thought
that someone 'buying book online and then get it in the mail' would be
a more successful model than an e-book strategy.


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