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Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 14:55:12 PST

From: Ian Clarke <>

> TI finally got the indexing working on the FAQ, and added a few
> questions that pop up a lot. Please debug.

The answer to 1.6 could say:

Numerous proposals for managing the namespace have been examined,
however the problem is that allowing the namespace to be "managed"
implies some form of centralised control. Forcing keys to be hashes of
the data solves this issue, but at the same time creates other
problems. For the moment the current mechanism, where use of the
namespace is handled on a first-come-first-serve basis but with a little
bit of democracy to prevent D.N.S-style abuse of this mechanism. This
is one of the big issues that will be discussed and hopefully addressed
in the next version.

The answer to 1.8 says that it is possible to overwrite documents in
Freenet, this is not the case. Except in extremely rare circumstances
(ie. where one document is inserted before another has had a chance to
"settle" in the network) trying to overwrite a document will actually
serve to propogate the document you have tried to overwrite further!
You may also want to point out that we have several proposals for
updating/deleting information in Freenet although these won't be
implemented in the first version.

Good work on the FAQ - it is badly needed!


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