Re: Boeing's Brains Developing Brawn

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From: Roy T. Fielding (fielding@kiwi.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 14:37:05 PST

Yeah, pisses me off -- after 360 days in positive territory after
buying Boeing last year, the stock tanks just before the one year
limit on short-term capital gains. Now its back to yet-another-long-
term value stock.

If Boeing engineers had stock options, this wouldn't happen.


In message <>, Dan
Kohn writes:
>[* Not the metaphor I would choose. - dan *]
>Charles Bofferding, the union's executive director, likened Boeing's
>management to the schoolyard bully who declined to pick a fight with the
>class jock -- in this case, the machinists, the largest union at Boeing --
>"and instead they see the little kid in the corner with the glasses and they
>say, 'Here, let's slap him around a little bit."'
>"Well, guess what?" said Mr. Bofferding in an interview. "But what they
>don't realize is, the kid with the glasses has been taking kung fu. So watch
> - dan
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