ZOT News: ZOT Group Recruits Leading NASA Communications Talent

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From: Sally Khudairi (sk@zotgroup.com)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 09:02:07 PST

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ZOT Group
Sally Khudairi

ZOT Group Recruits Leading NASA Communications Talent to Direct Marketing
and Public Relations Initiatives

http://www.zotgroup.com/ -- 6 March 2000 -- ZOT Group, the innovative Web
strategy consultancy focusing on emerging standards and communications,
today announced the appointment of Roderic Olvera Young as Communications
Director at its Boston headquarters. The former Press Secretary to NASA
Administrator Daniel S. Goldin will oversee all client and corporate
marketing and public relations initiatives.

"The Web continues to open our minds and improve our lives. A common
challenge between the Web and NASA is separating the hype from the
technologies integral to driving us toward the future. ZOT Group is built
on that premise," said Sally Khudairi, CEO of ZOT Group. "We are thrilled to
attract the caliber of talent found in Roddy, and look forward to leveraging
his proven strategic communications skills and extensive experience at NASA
to our clients as they are defining the next generation of the Web."

Before joining ZOT, Young worked for more than ten years in the public
relations and public policy arena. As Press Secretary to NASA Administrator
Dan Goldin, he shaped the space agency's message and developed strong
relationships with national media. His PR strategies helped NASA convey the
importance of the Shuttle-Mir program, the excitement of John Glenn's return
to flight and the goals of the International Space Station.

"Roddy's passion and creativity shine brightly in everything he does. At
NASA, he had a knack for translating the scientific and technological jargon
of our missions and painting an engaging and understandable picture. Whether
he is dealing with breaking news, day-to-day coordination, or long-term
planning, he provides fresh perspectives and manages successful outcomes,"
NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said.

Young began building his public relations experience serving as Press
Secretary and Senior Legislative Assistant to Congressman Esteban Torres. He
also served as Project Director for the Latin American Management
Association and Government Relations Advisor at Heron, Burchette, Ruckert
and Rothwell. He holds a BA in Government and Politics from the University
of Maryland.

Young will join ZOT Group's executive, communications, research and
technology team members at ApacheCon 2000, being held at the Caribe Royale
in Orlando Florida this week on 8-10 March 2000.

About ZOT Group

ZOT Group provides aggressive eBusiness strategies that integrate emerging
Web standards, collaborative partnerships and interactive marketing
communications. Leveraging industry-driving technologies such as XML and
various initiatives from the Open Source community, ZOT Group combines
technical and strategic industry analysis with the vision necessary to help
clients gain a competitive advantage.

ZOT Group partners with clients, strategists and integrators to provide
top-level counsel, insight and master planning for innovative, high-impact
results. As key players in interactive communications, ZOT Group delivers
focused marketing and public relations services to a broad range of clients,
including early implementers, start-ups, large organizations and industry
consortia focusing on standards and open source communities.

Further information about ZOT Group is available at http://www.zotgroup.com/


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