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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 08:35:30 PST

> In particular, the ad-insertion scenario appears to be a fantasy. The client
> can deliver up cookies for the origin server that is the apparent
> destination of its original request, but there is no means identified for
> the adapting server to get its cookies. It's hard to do a decent job of ad
> selection (a big part of what the ad networks get paid for) if you don't
> know who the viewer is.

On a completely different, but related subject.

One of the funniest services I've come across in the past couple of months
has been Bravenet's URL remapping service. You can
name any keyword that's available using their top level URL mapping to any
other site on the network. The only catch is that they build a frame with their
advertising banners on the top or bottom and load the destination site in
the second frame. For $ome amount per month you can pay them *not* to include
the advertising when the users choose that site. The whole concept is kind
of like a "poor man's" RealNames. I think it's pretty clever. They also
include,,, Their claim is "lightning fast
redirection", and they do seem to be able to handle that. I tried signing
up, but the server it points to is down. One of the
other tricks they use is that you can only have so many active keyword quick
URLs at a time. Setting a new one sometimes eliminates the old one.

I don't recommend signing up if you are majorly
spam adverse.


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