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From: Bill Stewart (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 00:45:17 PST

It would be very nice if there were a Freenet _client_
instead of, or in addition to, the Freenet _server_.
What's the functional difference? None, actually :-)
The problem is that many US cable modem networks,
and some US xDSL networks, have strong policies
against running network servers, but not network clients.
So if Freenet is a server, I can't run it on my cable modem,
but if it's just a client with maybe some peer-to-peer capabilities,
that's just fine :-) Unfortunately, it would have more credibility
if there were some server to talk to in addition to other clients,
perhaps analagous to ICQ registry server, but that's probably not
very compatible with the rest of the system.

The transparency and stupidity of the request has nothing to do
with its importance. :-)

At 03:38 PM 03/01/2000 -0800, Eugene Leitl wrote:
>(((I urge you to donate some of your computational/networking
> resources to the Freenet project, even if it's a single xDSL
> box. Details how to help see Latest News below.)))
>18th Feb 2000 - Now is your chance to help Freenet is now in its
>testing phase, to facilitate this we need people who can run a Freenet
>node on their computers. To participate you will need a computer
>capable of running java 1.1 which has a permanent connection to the
>Internet, a fixed IP address, and is not behind a firewall. If you
>have access to such a beast and would like to help the Freenet project
>please click here for instructions on how to install a Freenet server.

Bill Stewart,
PGP Fingerprint D454 E202 CBC8 40BF 3C85 B884 0ABE 4639

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