Q-Zone: Patenting Politeness

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From: Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 03:53:50 PST

Bluetooth.com: BlueLinxís Q-zone Paves Way for Courteous Cell Phone Usage
(2/00) Cell phone users may soon be more courteous due to a new tool that
prevents phones from ringing loudly in churches, theaters and restaurants.
BlueLinx Inc., a wireless innovator based in Charlotte, N.C., has patented
Q-zone, a device that creates specific areas where electronic devices
ring, beep, and ding at lower volume levels.


The technology uses a short-range radio link operating from fixed
devices installed at the venue to lower cellular phones' and pagers'
ring volume levels or to switch to vibration mode. When the portable
device leaves the specified area, its ring volume returns to normal.

This allows people to receive calls without disturbing others in that
area and without requiring them to "babysit" their devices. It also
gives proprietors the power to control their venues without depending
upon individuals to comply with posted rules concerning cellular
phone and pager use.

The wireless revolution has made great strides in allowing us freedom
of movement, but with this freedom comes a price. As the number of
people who carry cellular phones rises, the likelihood of disruption
in public places also increases. Cellular phones allow us to be
reached at any time and almost anywhere. However, during church
services, concerts, business meetings, and movies while people may
want to receive calls, the noise of the ring tone may disturb others.
A cellular phone's ring tone can break the momentum of a good sermon,
can disturb a business meeting at a crucial time, and can ruin a
tender moment in a good film.

Numerous articles in national publications address the problems of
cellular phone usage in public venues and efforts are already
underway to combat this problem. Movie theaters are asking viewers to
turn their phones off during showings and meeting planners are
telling attendees to turn their phones off during presentations.

But this is not the solution. Many people, such as doctors and
concerned parents, want to be accessible at all times, no matter
where they happen to be. When cellular subscribers turn their phones
off, they lose the very accessibility that they desired in the first

Q-Zone is the rare case of a win-win solution for manufacturers,
cellular providers, wireless customers, and the general public.

Manufacturers can easily install Q-Zone in their Bluetooth devices
with minimal impact on product requirements and resources. In doing
so, they implement a useful customer feature that promotes their
corporate image as being courteous and responsive as well as
technically advanced. In addition, installing Q-Zone helps validate
the size, weight, and cost of adding the Bluetooth chipset to their

For product licensing information, please contact us.

Requests are being made to turn off cellular phones during events
because a ringing phone distracts the group from their task at hand.

During every meeting or event that prohibits the use of cellular
phones, cellular providers are losing minutes.

Q-Zone allows the use of cellular phones within these areas, while
preventing disruptions to the group as a whole. Users can enter and
leave meetings without fearing their phone will ring at an
inappropriate time. Yet, people who still need to be constantly
accessible have the option of checking Caller-ID and leaving the room
to take the call. This translates directly to more minutes and
greater profits for Cellular Providers.

As people take their cell phones out of the car and into their purse
or pocket, it becomes each person's responsibility to use the device
courteously at all times. The majority of cellular phone users do not
know how to access the feature menus on their phones. The remaining
few that do rarely remember to change the settings before entering a
meeting, going to church or attending a movie.

It can be quite embarrassing to have your phone ring loudly during a
quiet prayer at worship. Customers can now enjoy the independence of
carrying a cellular telephone without the drawbacks of babysitting
the device in public situations.
Q-Zone represents the first manufacturer independent cellular phone
feature in history. Q-Zone is cellular system independent and
available all around the world.

With the introduction of this new technology, people will again be
able to enjoy a nice quiet dinner, watch a movie, attend the theater,
concentrate on business meetings, and worship in peace.

Cellular phone users will retain their accessibility without
disturbing others in the process.

This simple feature gently combines the convenience of mobility with
the elegance of courtesy.

About Us

BlueLinx Inc., is a wireless innovations company that identifies and
develops emerging markets in consumer electronics based on wireless
personal area networking. BlueLinx provides integrated wireless
product advancements and expert consulting services to leverage
customer assets and develop new markets through its global expertise
in cellular telecommunications.

Here at BlueLinx, we value creativity, vision, and hard work. Our
creativity gives us the power to innovate, our vision gives us the
clarity to execute, and our hard work makes it all happen.

A privately-owned company, BlueLinx was incorporated in August 1999
and is located in Charlotte, N.C, in the beautiful Southeastern
United States.

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