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From: Cynthia Dale (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 21:32:16 PST

Hey, y'al!
I've given RH my two weeks' notice. Gave that to myself for my birthday!
(: My email will revert back to the old I will
be setting up a more permanent one on our server out in Freemont soon, and
will subscribe back from there.

What I'm doing now:
I'm getting Tech Monkeys Ltd off the ground, finally. I've been doing
hosting and remote admin work for 3 years now, and it's about time I got
serious about it, instead of having it as a side job. The site(s) are
sparse and largely untouched, but will evolve. They are:

There is a huge need for remote administrators, backed by a company that
is bonded, etc, so I will be capitalizing on that until it runs itself and
I can go back and study writing again. (: I have some really burly ideas,
and a team of ravingly sharp techs on the list to be hired, so I'll be
snowed under for a while as I try to keep up with the demand for this
type of work. It will be a large percent remote administration (can you
say low overhead?), with quite a bit of onsite work as well. The site
hosting pays the bills, and besides, I plan to take a decidedly
open-minded stance about what I host, so it might do just a bit more than
paying the bills in the future.

That said, I'll miss the RH folks. I hope they each (well, most of them)
do very well. They've kept my sanity close to intact as we went thru the
process of going from a small company (I was #33 at the time, and actually
had a party that I could invite all staff of RH to!) to a publically
owned ... thing. I'm leaving for ugly reasons, but, as a RH employee, I
have to say that there are many people in high places there who're
fighting for the best for the Linux community in general. Keep an eye
out; they'll do well.

Keep an eye on me too; I'll do well also. I won't ever go public, tho!

Cynthia J. Dale
Technical Engineer/FAQ maintainer
Red Hat, Inc.


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