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Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 17:25:08 PST

(((Sorry for bombing you with all this fluffy stuff today (I'll cease
& desist, soon, I promise), but that Akamai name has been dropped on Does anybody here have connections
to Tom Leighton @ MIT? See below text at to why)))

From: Oskar Sandberg <>

Your optimism is encouraging, but I can't quite share it. Cornered companies
are willing to throw patents at just about anything, and the nobility of our
goals, or the fact that we have the "TRUTH" on our side is not going to help us
too much if that happens.

If Gopher had been run by an "new economy" company you can bet your ass they
would have sued TBL for all he was worth when they realized the web was
destroying their market.

Although Akamai is different from what we are doing, there is some overlap. MIT
professors do tend to be pretty smart people, and it would be rather
interesting to see what they came up with. We don't have the option of building
a network that routes only for performance since our main goal is Freedom, but
if it were possible to weigh our routing choices against some performance
estimates, that might be helpful should Freenet prove prohibitly slow in

If anyone here is at MIT and knows where to look if Professor Tom Leighton
published any work on the subject, I would be very interested. I doubt it
though, since the page notes "Akamai obtained an exclusive license to the
technology from MIT and Leighton". It is a tragic world where intelligent ideas
are waisted so that companies can show off about "exclusive, proprietary
technology" to try to boost their market cap...

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> There is no concerns about patent problems. This is a completely different
> networking type system than their product. I mean comparing their product
> to FreeNet is like comparing the WWW to Gopher... they have similar
> elements, but they are NOT the same! There is another difference, they are
> out there to mirror existing website content for the purpose of "profit"
> while FreeNet is here to finally make the internet what it was meant to be
> from the beginning, a place where FREEDOM reigns supreme. A freely
> accessable, open source, cross platform, evolving system designed around
> the concept of 100% Unabridged Freedom of Speech. With room for 0.0%
> censorship. So not only is it technologically superior to anyone else who
> has "similar" products/services but it is the ONLY project whose
> philosophy reflects that of the TRUTH. Freedom will not die - and it is
> FreeNet that will make sure it lives forever!
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