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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endtech.com)
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 10:38:32 PST

In another offshoot, Trinitech offers two new ideas. First
supports my theory that the next big e-commerce killer app is truly
a device: the evia2000 was announced this week. [1] It includes
pins, a swipe interface for accepting cards, GSM for online
processing from anywhere. Now if they would just slim it down and
make it a buyer's tool instead of a credit card receiver tool, we'd
all be in bidnez. Imagine using the swipe to program your virtual card [2]
then you unplug all the useless hardware baggage and are left with a
pin code keypad with a wireless connect and all the numbers stored of
all your favorite cards.

[1] http://www.trintech.com/products/pos_devices/evia_index.html
[2] http://www.trintech.com/products/payware/discover.html

Greg Bolcer
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web: http://www.endtech.com
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