Re: Versatility is the watchword of the WAP phone

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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 10:30:32 PST

Lloyd Wood wrote:

> The best comparison with WAP I can think of is with IRDA - fills a
> niche, built into everything for a while until they discovered that
> no-one actually uses it because it's just so inconvenient. Then 802.11
> comes along and suddenly IRDA is history - you know the age of a
> laptop from just hearing that it has IRDA built in.

NEC just hypeannounced their new laptop that supports bluetooth.
I think that's a better comparison.

> BusinessWire: NEC Uses National Semiconductor Two-chip Solution in
> World's First Bluetooth Enabled Notebook PCs With Built-in Antenna
> Shown At CeBIT.

2.4 Ghz, 128 bit encryption, talks through walls, $5.60/each. 8-)

> WAP may actually have a market among people who - get this - _don't
> have PCs_.
I used to not know anyone like that, only because they all had
unix boxes which weren't quite PCs. Since BSD and Linux,
a lot more of them have gotten x86 compatible junk. Whether they
have a PC or not, the devices market is exploding.


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