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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 18:14:05 PST

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The Mozquito Factory is the Industry's First XML Authoring Environment for
XHTML -- 26 January, 2000 -- Stack Overflow AG today
endorsed the industry's new standard for XHTML 1.0 through the Mozquito
Factory, the world's first XML authoring environment for XHTML. Earlier
today, the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] issued XHTML 1.0 as a W3C
Recommendation. XHTML bridges HTML -- the lingua franca of the Web -- with
the power of XML, bringing richer Web pages and more flexible Web
applications for a wide range of platforms and browsers.

Stack Overflow, a member of W3C, has demonstrated its commitment to support
this standard by offering the Mozquito Factory to enable content providers
to leverage the power and extensibility of XHTML. "XHTML is the result of
dedicated teamwork and open collaboration by our members," said Dave
Raggett, HTML Activity Lead at W3C. "We appreciate Stack Overflow's
participation in W3C, and their immediate support for the XHTML
Recommendation in the Mozquito Factory."

"The W3C Recommendation for XHTML is a significant step towards the future
of the Web," said Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, CEO of Stack Overflow AG and
member of the W3C HTML Working Group. "We're fully committed to continue
working with W3C and plan to support future versions of XHTML in the
Mozquito Factory."

A client-side, stand-alone authoring environment for XHTML, the Mozquito
Factory offers true extensibility and freedom from current browser
limitations, as well as a significant reduction in authoring costs. The
Mozquito Factory introduces fourteen additional XHTML tags empowering Web
developers to create dynamic and interactive Web pages in plain HTML,
without tiresome client and server side scripting. The Mozquito Factory
enables developers to design and create online shops, eCommerce
applications, quizzes, polls, questionnaires, slide shows, calendars, order
forms, surveys, administration interfaces and complex, dynamic Web pages in
just minutes versus hundreds of hours using traditional programming tools.

Ideal for developers who are forward-looking but need to ensure backward
compatiblity, the Mozquito Factory fully implements the XHTML 1.0
Recommendation, and embraces additional extension and modularization
features targetted in future versions of XHTML.

Heralded by C|NET's as "a well-designed, fast application for
creating forms using XHTML", the Mozquito Factory is available for both
Windows and MacOS.

Download a free 30-day trial at

Catch the Mozquito Factory in action at Seybold Boston Exhibit Booth #100
on 9-11 2000 in Boston, MA, USA.


Stack Overflow's mission is to simplify the development and increase the
intelligence of interactive Web applications. Their flagship product -- the
Mozquito Factory -- is the world's first XML-based XHTML authoring tool,
enabling developers to use tomorrow's Web technologies today. Stack
Overflow's commitment to advancing Web technologies and open standards is
highlighted by their membership and active participation in the World Wide
Web Consortium.

Mozquito is a registered trademark of Stack Overflow.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the
trademarks of their respective owners.
Further information on XHTML 1.0 can be found on the W3C Website at


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