Anti-Mac Advocacy

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:06:17 -0700

>Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 11:54:08 -0400
>To: Rohit Khare <>
>Subject: You didn't hear it from me..
>*You* can fork this if you want, but I'm sure not going to!

Not very funny, though:

>Welcome to DaFIRM ( pronounced duh-foym ) home of the MacMafia.
>DaFIRM is a collection of cyber-wiseguys we have gathered whom as we
>like to say are "In da bidness of doin bidness". The company (
>family ) is headed by one person known only to outsiders and
>visitors as " The C.E.O.". With strong conviction The C.E.O. leads
>the MacMafia in defiance of the Macintosh community in the hopes of
>some day breaking the cult like hold the evil Steve Jobs has over
>Mac users.
>From this website we hope to spread our colorful brand of Anti-Mac
>Advocacy while at the same time bringing a smile to your face. Our
>Bentnose style takes the OS war down to street level and we pull no
>punches in our efforts to bring to you our honest opinions. The
>members of DaFirm family have forged solid and well respected roots
>in the Macintosh community and have chosen to speak their honest
>feelings about what they see happening. Nobody has asked you to
>agree with what you will read here, we simply hope you will take it
>in with an open mind

Though there is a fun picture of an armed-to-the-teeth billg: has some ads for the "iBrator" and
what not. Not as good as the Japanese iNax toilets...