Some magazines are more equal than others (Re: not groucho)

Dave Long (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 20:23:27 -0700

> > [3] Every now and then one sees an article complaining about how a six-figure
> > (USD) income really isn't enough to get by.
> Mostly in UTNE.

Kind of interesting seeing what makes UTNE proud of their readership:

Is anyone on FoRK familiar with the APPLES methodology for prototyping? Maybe
we should do a homebrew run and see how well we'd "enhance [a] media schedule".

Now, I haven't seen much mentioned on the list along the lines of:
-Active in any Sport
-Active in 3+ Public Activities
-Goes to Museums
-Goes to Live Theater

But as far as having professional/managerial PC-owning college graduates who
attend adult education classes, are heavy book buyers, own CD players and 35mm
cameras and decent amounts of securities, travel to both domestic and foreign
destinations*, rent cars for business, and swig scotch and vodka, there ought
to be plenty of opportunities for marketers.

Then there's <>

Is my cognitive dissonance meter overly sensitive? Should I not be finding it
odd that the proposed "trappings of a simpler life" are to be found in yet
more "products and services"? Should I not be finding it odd that of the
"Influential Early Adopters", or "Cultural Creatives", it is said that "they
look to Utne Reader for guidance"?

It is too bad that Cephalus did not have a copy of Utne Reader available when
Socrates asked "what do you consider the greatest blessing which you have
reaped from wealth?", or he could have answered: "the opportunity to avail
myself of apparel, automobiles, cameras & electronics, computers, film &
videos, financial services, food & beverages, health & personal care, media,
music, online services, outdoor gear, publishing, and travel" instead of
declaiming such noneconomic virtues as generosity, honesty, and justice.


* is it still nominally illegal for US citizens to travel outside the country
without a passport?