Re: OC circa 1921

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 11:27:38 -0700

My friend who owns the Summer house in Mexico that Rohit's
trying to get me to take him down to for a wild and drunken
weekend of offroading, surfing, and board games--his grandfather
was one of the original workers who dredged the back bay.
They offered Balboa penninsula to him for $15k. His response
was, what am I going to do with a big sand bar? They mulled it
over as they thought they could charge people to park and picnic
there. The turned it down. It's now worth $15k per square foot.

I would argue that it's hard to make a parallel. The best guess
is Boulder, Colorado or Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.


Dave Long wrote:
> Does anyone have a good idea for what might be congruent to 1921 Orange
> County in the 1999 world?
> If we compare the 1920 census figures with 1990 census figures, it looks
> like Orange County(1920), population-wise, could be comparable to Kern
> County(1990) or San Joaquin County(1990). This makes a certain amount of
> sense, since we know James Irvine II had to put in Irvine Lake because
> of depleting the ground water supply for extensive orange crops during that
> period.
> My grandmother tells an amusing story: she recalls visiting Laguna Beach
> as a small child with her parents. At the time, not being particularly
> interested in lots which had been platted, but lacked niceties such as actual
> road access, they decided to press on and investigate the more promising
> opportunities(?) in Temecula poultry operations.
> -Dave