Re: -- anyone heard of these folks?

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 08:19:28 -0700

It looks like a bunch of consluts that know how to
write request for proposals and customize Web and Internet
error messages to be understandable in plain language and
'push' status information over email. It sounds like the
CrossWorlds software of the Internet world. Their May 4th
press release says they've secured $100M in financing.


Rohit Khare wrote:
> Of all the Herring 100, here's the one I want to learn more about,
> trapped about UA167 without IP dialtone at the moment...
> "The little McKinsey of the Web"
> ... Internet services market... triple by 2002 to $43.6Bn. [IDC]...
> "define and evaluate their online objectives"... "tight focus on
> strategic web consulting distinguishes it from its massively funded
> competitors like Sapient and USWeb/CKS. Zefer is in the process of
> raising a second round of > $20M
> CEO Anthony Tjan
> Founded March 1998, 40 employees, $2M funding so far.
> Boston, 617 292 7888
> also had a very odd full-page ad, a blue-tinted closeup of a face.
> They draw their E backwards, for a cyrillic logo. anyone heard of 'em
> before?
> Long live ZOT Group! :-)
> Rohit
> PS. Bubble-pricking downer: whenever the bytesize of IP traffic
> surpasses voice minutes, the *revenue* associated with data will
> remain 10% of Voice... and presumably not nearly as profitable. So
> keep scratching, Global DoubleCrossing and Level (1)3... RK