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<< So what about Motorola shifting all those people away from Teledesic?

TIm >>


ERG Motorola Alliance Wins San Francisco Ticketing Contract

Sydney, May 27 <A HREF="aol://4344:30.bloombrg.389091.602536905">(Bloomberg)
</A> -- ERG Ltd., an Australian technology company, has won a contract to
install a public transport ticketing system in San Francisco, together with
Motorola Inc., the world's No. 2 maker of cellular phones.

ERG, the best-performing stock so far this year in Australia's 271-stock All
Ordinaries index, has won a string of contracts to install ticketing systems
based on so-called ``smart cards'' on transport networks in different parts
of the world.

The Perth, West Australia-based company said more than 1 million commuters in
San Francisco will be able to pay for rides with a contact-less card
developed by the ERG Motorola Alliance. The contract, which ERG said is the
largest of its kind in the U.S., is worth between US$114 million and U$157
million over the next ten years, depending on the usage of its system.

``By installing a smart card system that allows riders to pay for transit
fares in under half a second -- by simply waving their smart cards near
readers -- we will greatly simplify payment for our customers,'' said Russell
Driver, Translink project manager.

In April, ERG and Motorola won a contract for the design and maintenance of a
new bus ticketing system in Italy. Last week Australia's largest private bus
operator, Westbus, said ERG will upgrade its automated fare collection

ERG shares have risen 166 percent so far this year. Today, the stock fell 5
cents, or 1.8 percent, to A$2.71.

May/27/1999 13:02

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