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At 12:11 PM -0400 5/28/99, did the job with this:

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> << what kind of idiot would be on a
> sport where everyone knows it's fixed?
> rst >>
> The same kind who watches it? (Tim excluded, of course. He's WAY past
> watching.) Watching pro wrestling is like watching a play; it scripted, the
> outcome is known (by the fight organizers), and the players are equal parts
> character acters/athletes. Actually, the matches are like little morality
> plays, or like mini myths-in-the-making, pitting titan against mortal, mortal
> against god, god against titan.

Yes you are exactly correct. There is a need in Mankind (not the
wrestler) for this type of entertainment. Look back the the Greek
culture with their plays. Oh I'm sorry, I forgot no mention of culture
on FoRK. Excuse me.

So what about Motorola shifting all those people away from Teledesic?



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