Re: new galaxy of interconnectedness of all things.

Joachim Feise (
Thu, 27 May 1999 11:05:27 -0700

Unfortunately, Newsweek also has the usual self-promotion of BillG
(, peddling the "universal PC
model" (meaning Windows in its various shapes, I presume).
I for one take a Palm anyday over a WinCE machine.


Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> As documented in newsweek of all places. Good words
> about Xerox, Jini, non-PCs, hint of MIT's Oxygen, emWare,
> Joy, Quibits, Palms, Nokias and a ton of kitchen sinks.
> Greg

Chicago Tribune, March 23, 1999, "Quotables" item:
"If Gore invented the Internet, I invented spell-check."
- Dan Quayle