Re: Ad-Hoc Spontaneous Networking.

Steve Dossick (
Thu, 27 May 1999 14:02:08 -0400

Cool stuff. Of course, while reading their 'Examples of Piano at work'
page, I'm thinking to myself: 'What happens if I lose my PDA?'. :)

I suppose we could always have subdermal implants which spoke Piano....

At 01:54 AM 5/27/99 -0700, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
>Incidentally, Rohit.. sounds like your predictions about spontaneous
>networking are coming to fruition.
> 28. March 1999
> The Motorola Piano Service
> Discovery Protocol
> Motorola Internet and Networking Group has just
> unveiled the Motorola Piano Platform web site.
> The Motorola Piano Platform provides short
> range, wireless connectivity at high bandwidth to
> a variety of mobile devices creating spontaneous
> networks between these devices. Piano provides a
> common extensible platform for thousands of
> professional and consumer applications. Just as
> the Internet has unlocked the potential in a
> fragmented collection of computers, so the Piano
> Platform unlocks the potential in the thousands of
> devices and systems people encounter every day.
> The site is at
> .:|:..:|:.